Tuesday, May 24, 2011

90210 girls flashing their boobies! (It's a 2RadicalDudez Exclusive!!)

Here is a video clip from the TV show "Beverly Hills, 90210" that we re-edited for your viewing pleasure. It shows three girls flashing their boobs! Need we say more???

Ok, we need to say more. This episode originally aired on May 25, 1994 and it was part of a two-part season finale.

The boobs featured here belong to:

Brenda Walsh (aka Shannen Doherty)
Donna Martin (aka Tori Spelling)
Celeste Lundy (aka Jennifer Grant)

Red, white and blue! Who knew "Beverly Hills, 90210" would be so patriotic!

(PS: As you can see, red flashes with the most attitude. Red also has the most bounce.)


  1. This whye america has so prety girls? I wishh i move to 90210 with the girls from holywwodd??

  2. Donna Martin is acting like she's a dead slug

  3. Who knew that giant q-tips will actually WIN. Yes WIN.

    Don't read the following:



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