Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Sonic!!!

This week, Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog turns 20. The first game of the series, "Sonic the Hedghog", was released on June 23, 1991 and Sega never looked back. Sonic became their mascot and had brought them much success.

Seems like just yesterday we were sitting on the floor with our new Sega Genesis kickin' ass with Sonic's Spin Attack! We played for hours and hours and hours until we beat the game. We beat it so many times that we started to have competitions to see who can get through each level the fastest, who can beat the game the fastest, who can go through each level without losing one ring, etc, etc. Good times!

Below is a video of someone else doing pretty much the same thing that we did as kids. Not only is the game amazing, the music is great too. Take a look and a listen!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rambo Kill Count Revealed!

This week, back in 1985, People Magazine had a story that attempted to count how many people Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) killed in the movie "Rambo: First Blood Part II", which came out a month earlier in May 1985. For those of you who don't know, there are a total of four Rambo movies:

"First Blood" (1982)
"Rambo: First Blood Part II" (1985)
"Rambo III" (1988)
"Rambo" (2008)

People Magazine say that 44 people were killed by Rambo (including 70 explosions that killed an undetermined number of people). That equals one person dying every 2.1 minutes in the second Rambo movie!!!

We are having problems finding this story on the web, but we did find a video that shows ALL of Rambo's kills from ALL four Rambo movies*.

*Note: For some reason, embedding is disabled so you will have to do with the video above that shows all of his kills from Rambo's 1-3. If you want to see Rambo 4 included in the death count, please watch the video here:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ross on "You Can't Do That On Television" being watered & slimed many times

Do you know this guy? He's Ross - the "You Can't Do That On Television" guy with headphones who was always kinda bitchy towards the kids..

I love it how whenever someone would get slimed, instead of moving over several inches to avoid getting slimed, they'd lift their face up towards the direction of the slime and just take it in. I love that. I'm positive that I'd do the same thing. Wouldn't you? It's an honor to get slimed. I don't think sliming happens much anymore.

I don't know...

Like I always say: If you can't beat the slime....join the slime.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Radical Recipe: How to make Nickelodeon's green slime

Today we are putting our Julia Child chef hats on and will teach you how to make the famous green slime from the amazing Nickelodeon show called "You Can't Do That on Television". It aired from February 3, 1979 to May 25, 1990 and was pretty damn amazing! The show featured Canadian teen actors acting out sketch comedy skits. We still remember being little and laughing at the way they said "sooory" (sorry) and "aboot" (about). Those crazy Canadians!

The way it worked in the show was if you said "I don't know", you would get slimed. It was that simple! Didn't you always wonder what was in the slime? Well, we did and we got info from our inside sources and they told us exactly what was in this slimy green mess. This is top secret information and only Bobby Budnick, Mr. Earnst, and Sam from "Today's Special" know the ingredients! OK, actually we got these recipes from but it's still the official recipes!


INGREDIENTS: water, jello powder, flour, baby shampoo 
DIRECTIONS: Mix em up and chill slightly. 


INGREDIENTS: cream of wheat, cold water, shampoo, green coloring 
DIRECTIONS: Mix em up!


INGREDIENTS: cream of wheat, cold water, shampoo, green coloring, liquid latex
 DIRECTIONS: Mix em up! (just don't put too much latex)
SLIME #4 (from Double Dare's "Slime Canal")
INGREDIENTS: clear corn syrup, water, green coloring DIRECTIONS: Mix water and syrup. Add coloring and dive in!
 SLIME #5 (from Nickelodeon Studios circa 1992)

INGREDIENTS: apple sauce, green coloring 
DIRECTIONS: Mix em up!
We're not sure why they had so many versions but we guess the scientists at Nickelodeon Studios had to take many, many years to come up with the perfect recipe! Below is the slime in action...

For those of you who already know the show, they would also have water poured on their heads if they said "water". The secret water recipe is a WHOLE different recipe that we promised to never reveal so our lips are sealed!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hairdressa! Hairdressa! Whoa Ohhhhh!

We love this video. Everything about it. It is pretty damn radical if you ask us! Here we have the lovely Lucille Cataldo performing live for you her original song, "Hairdresser". We must place a warning on this video. So here it is!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Jack Kevorkian aka "Dr. Death" dead at age 83

Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian died this morning at the age of 83 in Detroit. He had been hospitalized since last month with pneumonia and kidney problems. 

Jack Kevorkian was famous for helping about 130 people die during the 1990s. He was eventually found guilty of second-degree murder and was sentenced to 10–25 years in prison. He was released early for good behavior and only served 8 years.

Below is the "60 Minutes" video that got him in trouble. It originally aired on November 22, 1998.

And here is another "60 Minutes" video that aired May 19, 1996. Kevorkian is interviewed by Andy Rooney and Andy does a pretty good job of getting in Jack's head. Interesting character!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

WEIRD: E.T. boxing E.T. with Queen's "We Will Rock You" as the soundtrack

Here is some random weirdness for you. We have E.T. boxing E.T. and the music they are boxing to is Queen's "We Will Rock You". I bet you never thought you'd see two E.T.'s boxing each other while doing a synchronized dance to a Queen song!!!
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