Friday, June 10, 2011

Radical Recipe: How to make Nickelodeon's green slime

Today we are putting our Julia Child chef hats on and will teach you how to make the famous green slime from the amazing Nickelodeon show called "You Can't Do That on Television". It aired from February 3, 1979 to May 25, 1990 and was pretty damn amazing! The show featured Canadian teen actors acting out sketch comedy skits. We still remember being little and laughing at the way they said "sooory" (sorry) and "aboot" (about). Those crazy Canadians!

The way it worked in the show was if you said "I don't know", you would get slimed. It was that simple! Didn't you always wonder what was in the slime? Well, we did and we got info from our inside sources and they told us exactly what was in this slimy green mess. This is top secret information and only Bobby Budnick, Mr. Earnst, and Sam from "Today's Special" know the ingredients! OK, actually we got these recipes from but it's still the official recipes!


INGREDIENTS: water, jello powder, flour, baby shampoo 
DIRECTIONS: Mix em up and chill slightly. 


INGREDIENTS: cream of wheat, cold water, shampoo, green coloring 
DIRECTIONS: Mix em up!


INGREDIENTS: cream of wheat, cold water, shampoo, green coloring, liquid latex
 DIRECTIONS: Mix em up! (just don't put too much latex)
SLIME #4 (from Double Dare's "Slime Canal")
INGREDIENTS: clear corn syrup, water, green coloring DIRECTIONS: Mix water and syrup. Add coloring and dive in!
 SLIME #5 (from Nickelodeon Studios circa 1992)

INGREDIENTS: apple sauce, green coloring 
DIRECTIONS: Mix em up!
We're not sure why they had so many versions but we guess the scientists at Nickelodeon Studios had to take many, many years to come up with the perfect recipe! Below is the slime in action...

For those of you who already know the show, they would also have water poured on their heads if they said "water". The secret water recipe is a WHOLE different recipe that we promised to never reveal so our lips are sealed!


  1. i had a huge crush on alastair gillis! i loved when mousse and lisa would argue and i loved their hardcore canadian accents!

  2. Tried this didnt work b***hs


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