Monday, September 12, 2011

Joe Montana's Sports Talk Football (1992 Sega Genesis)

Wow. My brothers, my friends, my cousins and anyone else I knew agreed that this was the best and most hi-tech football video game out there (this was back in 1992).

We were amazed at how the game actually talked to you and how it would narrate the game as if it was a live man. No, it wasn't Joe Montana speaking. It was a radical robot with a radical voice speaking and somehow it kept up with all of our plays.

We have some really amazing memories of playing this game and it's cool to think how this game paved the way to today's "Madden NFL 12". Which game is better?

This video below will show you what every single boy played in 1992-93 on their Sega Genesis.

Sweep Strong is still my favorite play.

"I can't believe it !!!"


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