Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Classic Mentos commercial with burly men in overalls

Here is a classic Mentos candy commercial from 1996. This is the commercial where the lady has her tiny, red car crammed into a parking spot since an inconsiderate bastard was in a rush to go upstairs to his office. Luckily, four burly men all wearing overalls came to the rescue! In the end, everything worked out. Was it because of the Mentos? Yes. Yes it was.

Also, the Foo Fighters made a parody of this commercial (and other Mentos commercials) in their "Big Me" music video which is pretty funny!

I would have loved to see one of the Foo Fighters only wearing one overall strap on his shoulder. Just like the one guy in the original Mentos commercial. It would've been a nice little touch and a good eye to detail. Right?? But it's cool anyways.

Video Title: (1996) Mentos "Car Movers" (Foo Fighters parody) - 90's TV commercial
Product: Mentos mint candies
Original Air Date: 1996

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