Friday, March 11, 2011

Popsicle: A frozen drink on a stick!

Who doesn't have great memories of eating a Popsicle stick on a hot summer day as a kid? The best part was that there were TWO Popsicle sticks rather than one, which made it double the fun!

It just so happens that on this day today, March 11, 1986, the Popsicle went from a two-stick pop to a one-stick pop. We couldn't find many facts to corroborate this but we thought we'd blog about it anyway so we had an excuse to post a hot chick sucking a Popsicle!

Were you the "little-licker" that precisely licked back-n-forth between each pop until it split up the middle and then you double-fisted each pop??!!? Or were you the "deep-throater" and you sucked the whole thing dry till it was gone??!?!?!


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