Thursday, January 13, 2011

Early Foo Fighters interview (MTV's Week in Rock - Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel)

Here is an early interview with the Foo Fighters that is from March 1996. The band was barely a year old when this came out. It was soon after their performance on 01/20/96 in Manila, Philippines at the Folk Art Theater (this interview includes live clips from that performance).

Singer/guitarist Dave Grohl and bassist Nate Mendel are in a doctor's office being interviewed by MTV Asia Correspondent Preeti Sethi. They're answering questions while a doctor is examining Nate's injured arm.

Topics include: Craziness of Southeast Asia fans, shooting "Big Me" music video in Australia, recording a track for the X-Files soundtrack, Dave Grohl as an extra in an episode of the X-Files.

We have many, many more videos that we recorded during the "grunge years" so be sure to keep checking back.

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