Saturday, January 15, 2011

Watch Kirby Puckett throw a man out from 400 ft. away!

Here is a Pinnacle by Score Baseball Cards commercial that was recorded in 1992.

This commercial features the late Kirby Puckett throwing out the runner all the way deep in center field. Just several months prior to this commercial, Puckett hit his walk-off homer in Game Six of the 1991 World Series which some say was the highlight of his career. Unfortunately, he died of a stroke on March 6, 2006 at the age of 45.

Pinnacle was a trading card company that competed against the "Big Three" companies (Donruss, Fleer, & Topps) from 1988-1998. Their first card set was called Score and it was the first to have a color mugshot of the player and 2nd to have a full color back. Pinnacle's player biographies were the most extensive of any major baseball card set of its time. This set being featured in this commercial (at 893 cards) were among the largest card sets of that time.

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