Monday, January 10, 2011

Who's the Boss? Tony Micelli is the Boss.

I don't know about you guys but I used to love "Who's the Boss". Tony Micelli always seemed like a really cool uncle to me and would be fun to hang out with. And then there's Samantha. Didn't we all have crushes on her back then? She had a tough, sassy attitude yet a kind and good heart. Then there's Angela, who was pretty cool but kinda bitchy and didn't let Tony get away with too many of his zany antics. Then there's Mona who just wanted to have sex with everything. Then there's Jonathan who seemed like a good boy and he ended up having one of the best hairstyles back then. Remember that sick "wave" he had in his hair???

Then there's "Just the Ten of Us". I like this show too and would be very happy to see some episodes again. I don't remember too much but I do remember a bunch of girls living in a house and they had a fat dad who was a gym teacher I believe.

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