Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kurt Cobain's suicide: One year later "Extra"

Wow. How the hell has it been 17 years. Well, anyway.....

We recorded this gossip TV show "Extra" on April 8, 1995 since it had a segment on how Nirvana fans were feeling one year after Kurt Cobain committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

John Norris (who was with MTV when Kurt originally killed himself) was working as a correspondent with "Extra" and he takes us to a (yes you guessed a Seattle coffeehouse) to see how people were coping one year after Kurt Cobain's death.

He spoke to 16-year-olds who seemed jaded. Weren't we all jaded in 1995?

John Norris also showed the park bench near Kurt Cobain's home which fans have turned into a memorial site. Have you been there yet?

At the end of the segment, Cobain's wife, Courtney Love is mentioned since she "put together the soundtrack" of 'Tank Girl' and was making her acting debut in 'Feeling Minnesota' (which is untrue since she was in 'Sid and Nancy' back in 1986).

"Extra" also mentioned how "Life after Kurt has been successful for his widow Courtney Love." Is that true???

More Kurt Cobain suicide era videos will be coming soon......

RIP Kurt

Video Title: (April 8, 1995) Kurt Cobain's suicide: One Year Later "Extra"
Event: One Year Anniversary of Nirvana's singer Kurt Cobain's suicide
Original Air Date: April 8, 1995

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