Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where's Kurt Cobain?

There are only 2 more days till the anniversary of when Kurt Cobain blew his brains out back in April 1994. It happened 17 years ago!!!!

Some people don't believe Kurt killed himself. Meet Tom Grant. He is a private investigator and former detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. According to Grant, he was hired by Courtney Love on April 3, 1994 to find Kurt after he left a drug rehab center in Marnina Del Rey, California.

Where did Kurt go??? What did he do??? Some pretty interesting stuff happened according to Tom Grant!

Here is an excerpt from his website:

"On April 3, 1994, I was hired by Courtney Love, (who was in Los Angeles at the time), to locate her husband after he left a drug rehab center in Marina Del Rey, California. Ms. Love stayed in Los Angeles while I flew to Seattle to search for Cobain with his best friend Dylan Carlson. In fact, Carlson and I had been in the Cobain residence the night before Kurt's body was discovered in the room above the garage."

"The police immediately concluded "suicide." I wasn't so sure. Neither was Rosemary Carroll, Courtney Love's own entertainment attorney. Ms. Carroll was also a close friend to both Courtney and Kurt."

"We both knew something was wrong here--terribly wrong."

Was it an inside job?? Just kidding. We think Kurt killed himself but you be the judge! Visit Tom Grant's site for more info:


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