Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Classic Nickelodeon: Kids Court

Nickelodeon was definitely our most watched TV channel when we were kids. There were so many amazing shows that there are just too many to name! One show that comes to mind is Kids Court. 

Kids Court is a show where a studio audience filled with kids watches two kids discuss real life grievances that were mailed in by real life kids. When the two sides are done representing their cases, the studio audience then yells and screams like wild animals trying to be the loudest. The "Judge-o-meter" would measure the decibels of the screaming and whichever side was loudest wins the case! The show ends with host Paul Provenza going around the child audience asking the kids to say what is unfair. If something was unfair they'd yell "UNFAIR!!!!!!!!". The show even had two courtroom sketch artists. We always thought they had the coolest job in the world!!!

Kids Court ran for four years from 1985 to 1989. Below is a full episode, which is in 2 parts. Enjoy the stroll down memory lane and the extremely funny looking 80s kids!

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