Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MLB Moustaches from the 80s & 90s

Not sure if you guys know but, many Major League Baseball players in the 1980's had moustaches. Back then it was the norm. Today, not so much. But if you have followed baseball in the last decade you will see that it's coming back. Slowly but surely.

It's so easy to Google "mlb moustaches' and add the first bunch to this list. That's too easy. We decided to dig deeper and we've found the truly best MLB baseball players, with a moustache, that falls anywhere between 1980 and 1999. We hope we succeeded (and if you're lucky, we'll throw in some 2011 players who sport the 'stache. But only if you're lucky.) Enjoy!

This is in no particular order of how cool the moustache is. It's random coolness:

Bill Buckner: Can't tell the difference between his moustache and his eyebrow. Yes, his one eyebrow.

Bill Buckner

Steve Balboni: My handlebar goes slightly below my lips. Only crazy people go longer than that.
Steve Balboni

Don Mattingly: Don can have any moustache he wants.
Don Mattingly

Dale Berra: Yup, that's Yogi Berra's son. Junior is most known for supplying the Pirates with cocaine during the 1985 season.
Dale Berra

Rollie Fingers: Yes, thats my real name. I'm known for having the best moustache in baseball. Google it.
Rollie Fingers

Rollie Fingers: See, I told you so. Look at this thing. Now it's time to play some baseball!!
 Rollie Fingers

Rollie Fingers: Hello me, it's me again. Yes, I'm here but now I'm on the Brewers. Bo-yah!!
Rollie Fingers

Rollie Fingers: What?! Yous still takin my photos?!?
Rollie Fingers

Again, this is a work in progress...Will add MLB moustaches when said moustaches deserve the last said moustache place.


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