Friday, August 5, 2011

Ghost boy from "Three Men and a Baby"?

Who remembers the 1987 comedy Three Men and a Baby? More importantly, who remembers the "ghost boy"? We remember rewinding, pausing, slo-motion-ing the famous scene a million times. It was definitly a human figure in the background. But was it a ghost?

No. It was a cardboard cutout of Jack (Ted Danson) wearing a tuxedo and top hat, that was left on the set. Below is the video. You can also see the "rifle" or "shotgun" that was used by the "ghost boy" to kill himself in a separate shot if you look close enough.

The story goes that the boy killed himself in the house that the scene was filmed in. This scene was filmed on a Toronto soundstage. You make your own conclusions... (the action happens at the 0:05 and 0:35 second marks)

And below is the cardboard cutout in question

And here is the "ghost boy"

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  1. Just happened across your radical blog here for the first time. Will definitely not be last.

    Thanks for helping to keep the 80s alive & relevant. Great stuff! Old School


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