Friday, February 11, 2011

AZT and me

Since we're on the subject of drugs, here's a drug that was a "major breakthrough in AIDS therapy in the 1990s that significantly altered the course of the illness and helped destroy the notion that HIV/AIDS was a death sentence".

A few years before the release of this commercial, we have a memory as kids where we were in our local bowling alley and we were lobbing cheese puff balls up into the air and then catching them in our mouths. Most we caught but some landed on the floor, of course, but we would still pick them up and eat 'em.  One 80s bowler dude didn't like that and scolded us! He said "You know.... you can get AIDS from that!". Back then we believed him but when we grew up we realized how untrue that statement really was. Everyone knows that you can only get AIDS from having sex with cheese puff balls. DUH!

Video Title: (1990) 1st HIV AIDS treatment (AZT) - "World News Tonight" 90's TV commercial 
Product: AZT AIDS treatment
Original Air Date: 1990

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