Friday, February 11, 2011

Frank Lautenberg doesn't want you anywhere near his daughters

Frank Lautenberg is considered one of the US Senate's most liberal members. He is also the oldest, at age 87. His age hasn't stopped him from his liberal stance because just a few days ago, in opposition to the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act," he told the GOP, “I won’t attempt to voice my views on your family and let my family alone. Don't go near my daughters." Ouch!

Now rewind 23 years and you will see an ad from the days when life was a bit easier, things were a bit slower. The year was 1988 and a battle was raging between Lautenberg and Republican Wall Street executive and former college football star Pete Dawkins for a New Jersey Senate seat. After trailing in the polls, the Lautenberg campaign ran an aggressive ad campaign focusing on pointing out the lack of Dawkins' Jersey roots and that he was only running for Senate in order to get him one step closer to his ultimate goal, which was to become President of the United States of America. He failed at both and Frank Lautenberg is still living and is still a Senator.

Video Title:  (1988) NJ Senate Election - Pete Dawkins vs. Frank Lautenberg - 80's TV commercial
Product: Political Ad
Original Air Date: 1988


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