Friday, February 25, 2011

Flash your friends with Nickelodeon's Flash Screen!

Here is a Nickelodeon Flash Screen commercial from 1994. This toy looks so awesome and it's perfect for sleepovers! You basically have to stand in front of the screen which can attach to any door. Then you or your friend must hold the "zapper" and let it flash. It will leave a shadow of whatever is in front of the screen. And it gets even cooler since at the end of the zapper is a glowing pen which you can use to alter the shadow however you like! Also, it's a nice touch how the light is green - just like Nickelodeon's famous slime!

Now that's rad!!

What isn't rad is that this toy was discontinued due to the fact that it was possibly causing kids to have seizures. These toys are worth a lot of money now so go check your attics for one!!

The zapper

The zapper with screen and door hanger

Flash Screen box

Video Title: (1994) Nickelodeon Flash Screen - 90's TV commercial
Product: Nickelodeon Flash Screen (Mattel)
Original Air Date: 1994


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  3. I have the flash toy but not the screen. I wish I knew were to get one.


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