Thursday, February 17, 2011

Early Dave Grohl interview on MuchMusic (April 3, 1996)

Here is an early interview with Dave Grohl on April 3, 1996 at the Much Music studio in Toronto, Canada. It was only days away from the two year anniversary of the day when Kurt Cobain committed suicide. The Foo Fighters were barely a year old and the other band members at the time were bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith (Sunny Day Real Estate) plus second guitarist Pat Smear (The Germs, Nirvana).

Bill Welychka is interviewing Dave on a snowy afternoon with fans all throughout the studio and outside. It was just hours before the Foo Fighters would play a show at the Concert Hall in Toronto for their 1996 Spring Tour.

Topics discussed include parallels between lyrics from the Foo Fighters Self-Titled album and Kurt Cobain's suicide, how it hurts to talk about Kurt's death (Dave gets annoyed at Bill for asking), how Smells Like Teen Spirit was the anthem of the 90's, about possibly doing a Canadian Foo Fighters tour, and to stop throwing Mentos at them during concerts. He also answered questions from fans and received a bootleg Nirvana CD from one.

We believe there was more to this interview which unfortunately we missed when it originally aired on Much Music.

Stay tuned as we have many more rare videos during the "grunge years" that we'll be posting soon!!!

Video Title: (April 3, 1996) early Dave Grohl interview on MuchMusic
Segment: Dave Grohl being interviewed on MuchMusic
Original Air Date: April 3, 1996

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