Friday, February 11, 2011

Watch these Drixoral pills move in slow motion while people in silhouettes sneeze!

Are they reformulating this drug in the US or is Big Brother stepping on the little guy once again? YOU be the judge! From Wikipedia:

"As of 2008, Drixoral has been removed from the US market by manufacturer Merck, (formerly Schering-Plough). The company's updated website attributes "changing [their] manufacturing location" for the supply disruption and currently states "it is unlikely product will be available in 2010". However, the drug still appears to be available in Canada and overseas, and other drugs manufactured at the same location have not become unavailable. This has led some Drixoral users to speculate that there may be other explanations for why Drixoral is no longer available in the US market. One possible reason is that the company is reformulating the product to no longer contain pseudoephedrine. Another possibility is that the 35-year-old drug is being removed in favor of newer, more profitable antihistamines such as Claritin (also manufactured by Schering-Plough). Some Drixoral users have resorted to ordering the drug from Canadian online pharmacies."

Video Title:  (1990) Drixoral medicine (Banned in the USA) - 90's TV commercial 
Product: Drixoral
Original Air Date: 1990


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