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"Wild Side Show": Rare Nickelodeon TV show (buffalo episode) Parts 1 - 3

This episode is from 1992 and it's hosted by Jessica Duarte and Scott Tunnell. Part One starts off with Jessica and Scott on stage at the San Diego Zoo with a South African Cheetah. Next, they talk about different animal colorings and camouflages and why they have them. After that, they hang out with some Rhinos and get slimed by one!

Part Two begins with Jessica and Scott at Custer State Park in South Dakota where they see a herd of Buffalo, which are actually called American Bison. Next, they visit The Prairie Edge which is a store there that sells Native American art. Then they visit Steven Kutcher aka "The Bug Man" who has thousands of insects and bugs which he keeps as pets. They include tarantulas, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, beetles, and many more.

Did Jessica call the Arachnophobia spiders radical? Yes she did! That's RADICAL!!!

Part Three has Jessica and Scott going to the Triple Seven Buffalo Ranch in South Dakota. There Scott meets up with some boys and he wears Coyote fur while crawling alongside a herd of Buffalo. Then Jessica and Scott jump on a couple of horses and round up some Buffalo! They herd them over to stalls where they get treated with their shots.


"Wild Side Show" was a TV show for kids on Nickelodeon that was hosted by two kids and featured various wild and zoo animals with an emphasis on education and wildlife conservation.

We used to love this show and luckily recorded a couple of episodes when they originally aired. There's barely any information about Nickelodeon's Wild Side Show anywhere online. As of writing this, there's no info on Wikipedia and barely any on IMDB. But after doing extensive research and gathering clues from around the web, here is what we found:

The show definitely premiered in 1992 but there are conflicting reports of when exactly. We personally think it was on Sunday, August 23, 1992 at 8:30pm EST and after that Sundays at 5:00pm EST (other sources have premiere dates listed as February 1, April 10, and August 22, 1992). We also believe the show lasted for two seasons (each with a different set of hosts) and that reruns were shown on Nickelodeon for at least until 1995.

SEASON ONE (13 Episodes):
Premiere: Sunday, August 23, 1992 at 8:30pm EST on Nickelodeon (?)
Host: Jessica Duarte
Host: Scott Tunnell
Locations: Mostly at the San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park
(plus other locations throughout the US)

SEASON TWO (13 Episodes):
Premiere: Saturday, November 6, 1993 at 5:30pm EST on Nickelodeon
Host: Jillian Hirasawa
Host: Gordon Michael Woolvett
Locations: Africa and Ontario, Canada's Chapleau Crown Game Preserve

Video Title: (1992) Wild Side Show - Nickelodeon TV show (buffalo episode, parts 1, 2 & 3)
Product: Nickelodeon's Wild Side Show
Original Air Date: 1992


  1. Could you reupload this and the other episode?

  2. episodes are gone now. copyright infringement is ridiculous.

  3. I was in touch with Scott Tunnell back then, we chatted on the phone and exchanged letters for a while. I have a picture of him somewhere playing an acoustic guitar. He was telling me a couple of things about the show, that they were not allowed to say "Gee" or "Gosh" because it could be seen as referring to God, and in the episode where he did scuba diving he was told to pee in the scuba suit to help stay warm. Ahh, the little tidbits, eh? He lived in Torrance, CA at the time. I might still have his address but goodness I'm thinking he probably doesn't live there anymore. He was a VERY nice boy, I have to say. Extremely polite and very generous. Oh, he didn't say anything bad about Jessica but from conversations I got the gist that there was friction there. He would not talk smack about her but did hint that perhaps they didn't get along extremely well or that maybe he didn't care for her much. I think she was a very overpowering personality or at least comes over that way on the show. I do not remember the second season ever being made or anything.

  4. Can you reup the Wildside episodes?

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